Kingdom Education

Schedule a Visit

If you are interested in visiting CSCL, please contact our administrative assistant, Diane Wright, and schedule a visit. You can tour the building, see classes in real time, speak with the staff and get all the information you need in order to enroll your child at CSCL. Please call (803) 547-3223, or email through our contact us section.


We seek to raise up the next generation of leaders with the cooperative effort of each family, the church at large, and the staff at school. We provide an atmosphere that encourages worship of the Creator, a love for learning, a desire for excellence, and the development of each student's gifts, talents, and leadership skills. More Info

Four Day School Week

Classes are held Monday through Thursday. Fridays are free so that students may supplement their education by taking classes at nearby colleges, interning or apprenticing at local ministries or businesses, work at jobs, further develop artistic and musical skills, etc.


CSCL has really helped me grow spiritually and academically. Because of the smaller class sizes, I feel comfortable asking the teachers anything. I also love the creativity the teachers put into their lessons. Their teaching styles grab my attention and help me to learn the material.

Jonathan Arbogast, CSCL Alumnus

No Homework

No homework-ever! Our philosophy is that the best way to prepare students to take charge of their education is to allow them the freedom to give attention to other pursuits, leaving them time to spend with family, take part in sports, hold jobs, develop hobbies, and even do independent research.

Innovative Education

Classes are small in size, yet innovative in their approach to instruction, with an emphasis on broadening higher level thinking skills and generating student produced projects in all grades. At CSCL education is more than academics, it's a journey of self-discovery and divine destiny.